Support at every stage of development, for your dog and you.

From socialisation and the first steps in the world to professional
and safe sports equipment for your team


Professional sports equipment for agility.

We offer comprehensive equipment for agility training. Safe and FCI-compliant obstacles, as well as training assistance to support learning processe


Strength. Prevention. Efficiency.

The line is designed for the most demanding dog keepers not only sports, taking care of every detail in the training of their quadrupeds. Recover and maintain the optimal form of your do


A confident dog is a happy dog.

The first positive experiences affect the later functioning of the dog in the human world. Puppy line, is to learn new stimuli in friendly and safe conditions, where learning occurs through play

Our products

We always prepare our products for individual orders. Rich colors and a wide range of materials allow you to meet the individual needs of customers. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer and submit requests for quotations. We will prepare an order tailored to your dreams!

Our products in action

We are proud that our products are used in international competitions and are also selected by leading players and coaches in thei




The materials we choose are always of the highest quality, guaranteeing durability and comfort of use. Available in a wide range of colors!


Our products are carried out with the utmost care by a team of specialists, in constant cooperation with industry professionals. All products are made in the European Union.


Obstacles from the agility series are implemented in accordance with current FCI standards.

Products from all series are based on our many years of experience, with a view to maximum safety and comfort of canine users, as well as their caregivers.

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